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A sapphire in everlasting memory of man's best friend.

A sapphire in everlasting memory of man's best friend.

It is said that there are dogs of the soul. I know that! Zhara was the dog of my soul. Read below the personal story from Karina K. about her beloved dog "Zhara":

She was my companion for just over 13 years. We needed no words to understand each other, and she had an enormous impact on my life. I started mantrailing with her, and it is solely thanks to her that I can pass on my knowledge today. My love for the Weimaraner breed comes from her – and only because of her do I continue to help dogs of this breed which are in difficulties, or which need a new home.

It was Zhara who taught me almost everything about dogs. That dogs have a soul, think and feel, and that one must accept and respect them as companions of equal status.
She was my shadow, and always there when I needed her. Every time that I needed a hand, her paw was there.

My princess, even after her death she will always stay in my heart. And from now on, my daily companion in a Mevisto gem.

I will also always remember other stories:

"Zhara and the disbelieving editor"

Some years ago, in the summer of 2012, mantrailing was still not very well known, and the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) wanted to present an item on this new search method using dogs.

The editor came with his cameraman to the training session in the 1st District of Vienna, and told me immediately that he did not believe that dogs were capable of following a human scent in the middle of the city. That was, of course, the perfect opportunity to teach him a lesson. And so it was agreed that we would film the handover of his key; that was to be his scent article for Zhara. And then he would simply "disappear" - no-one knowing where - and Zhara had to find him.  After a final glance at the really heavy camera, I simply asked him not to go too far – after all, the cameraman had a big weight to carry.

No sooner said than done. The handover of the key was filmed, and then off went the editor. Zhara was then filmed jumping out of the car, followed by me putting her harness on, and then it started:

The first crossing… a "Stop" from the cameraman, "Let's do it again from the front." "Stop – now from the side." Zhara wouldn't let herself become distracted, it was me who slowly became uncertain… so crazy, all that being filmed by Austria's main broadcaster (!), and so it continued.

Another crossing, and yet another, once in the direction of the subway, and then up again.

The cameraman behind me groaned, the distance was too far. In the meantime, that was all the same to me - we just had to pass this test. And then suddenly Zhara wanted to go into the Ministry of the Interior. Into the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR!!! Dogs are definitely not allowed in there, but Zhara was so certain. And sure enough – I hadn't even got round the corner, and she was barking. She had found him!

I was so proud of my princess! She had succeeded, and the editor certainly believes now in the capabilities of the canine nose.

Download: ORF item.

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